Mooney N1937Y

Time to part with my M20E

This 145 knot 10 gal/hour airplane commuted me to the bay area and San Diego, along with trips to Seattle, many places in Oregon, Phoenix, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Kalispell, Sedona, Santa Fe, Death Valley, Mammoth Mt, Winter Park, Las Vegas, Provo, Canyon de Chelly, Winslow, Page, Roswell, Boise, and now to a broker in Oklahoma City. Sherri Sturgill 405-812-2525 and Brian Sturgill 405 923-0525 will be handling the sale.

My Mooney N1937Y, hangared at KTRK, owned and flown only by me for 21 years amassing 1800 hours. Before that AP/IA/FBO 15 year owner for personal use and commecial rating sign offs. Before that private owner in Oregon, and ???. .

1964 M20E serial number 244, 4810 TT, 660 hours on a zero time engine installed in 2008, new prop 2007 to fix AD

most Lasar speed mods, panel upgrade (full rewire) in 2003, GNS 530 (not WAAS), mode-S transponder, JPI engine monitor, ADS-B out with uAvionix, shoulder harness, excelent paint, new seat covers

Tannis heater, recent Bruce Aircraft cover

This plane is ready to fly away (last annual Nov 20, 2020, details below). As for me, semi-retired, no longer flying IFR, though most of that was to break through fog in SF bay area commute. (into KRHV)

The panel completely rewired in 2003 -- Lasar

  • Garmin GNS530 terrain added 2005, not WAAS upgraded
  • Garmin GTX-330 with mode S
  • Garmin GMA-340 audio panel
  • JPI-700 EDM
  • King KX-155

Artex ELT 345 installed 2017

uAvionix ADS-B tail beacon 2019


panel at night

More interior pictures at the end

Lasar speed mods 2000

  • 100 flap gap seal
  • 101 aileron gap seal
  • 108 wing root fairing
  • 131 nose cowel closure
  • 104 dorsal fin seal
  • 105 tail root fairing
  • 112 rudder elevator covers

Walk around pictures

mooney pixA mooney pix5 mooney pix3 mooney pix4

New seat covers 2010

Strip and paint 2010 -- Matthews Aviation O43

Shoulder harnesses installed 2018


Here is the Nov 2020 annual sqwak list, (does not include PC wing leveler inop - if I was going to keep it, I would have done that at TopGun in Stockton)

  • AD73-21-01 Due 11/2021 or @ TTAF: 4809.71, whichever occurs 1st
  • AD77-17-04 Due @ Tach: 1293.5
  • AD15-19-07 Due 11/2021 or @ TTAF: 4809.71, whichever occurs 1st
  • AD76-07-12 Due 11/2021 or @ TTAF: 4809.71, whichever occurs 1st
  • Transponder check Due 11/2022
  • ELT Battery Due 11/2024

these were not done -- most have been around for a long time

  • Troubleshoot: beacon/strobe light on belly is loose and spinning. RECOMMENDED -- still working, its not going to fall off
  • Altimeter inop. Replace with serviceable unit. AIRWORTHY FOR IFR, otherwise Recommended.-- working just out of adjustment range for IFR
  • Troubleshoot: RH fuel gauge jumping around. RECOMMENDED -- can't remember how long this has been going on -- like forever
  • Minor weep in left fuel tank, patch RECOMMENDED -- Still airworthy, I'll either credit this or have it patched.

Annual Nov 20, 2020

Item details amount
Annual / 100 hr inspection due Airframe 1-1 Corrective Action Performed annual inspection per Sierra Aero LLC -- labor: 23.0 hrs
Inspection Checklist. C/W with FAR 91.207(d) ELT check, no discrepancies noted. ELT battery replacement due 11/2024.
1 x BA6305 Air filter Misc shop supplies
Annual / 100 hr inspection due Engine Remarks: Compression check: 1). 79, 2). 80, 3). 80, 4). 80/80. Performed annual inspection per Sierra Aero LLC
Drained oil and removed filter. Obtained oil sample and sent to AOA for analysis. Cut filter and inspected medium, no discrepancies noted.
Ran engine, leak check good. 1 x AOA Oil Sample
7 x Aeroshell 15W50 Oil 8 x M-674 Spark plug gasket AA48110 Tempest Oil Filter
Annual / 100 hr inspection due Propeller Performed annual inspection per Sierra Aero LLC Inspection Checklist. Visually inspected spinner, huband propeller blades, no discrepancies noted.
AD 15-19-07 required. Complied with AD 15-19-07 by inspection of fuel lines and clamps no discrepancies noted.
AD 73-21-01 required. Complied with AD 73-21-01 per para (a). Due every 100 HRS. no discrepancies noted
AD 76-07-12 required. Complied with AD 76-07-12 by Operational Test of switch. No defects at this time.
Transponder check per 91.413. DUE 09/2020. Performed transponder check. Transponder check per 91.413 and 91.411
number1 spark plug wire chafing on . Remove clamp & resecure. re-secured num 1 spark plug wire to prevent chafing.

Panel closeups

panel left console glare shields compass -- yes it is required in the airplane, but you are in a world of hurt if your GPS, your tablet and phone all died. Avare is great on all my portables, and it even has ADS-B in.(though a bit primative GUI)

All panel instruments working. Except the altimeter working for VFR flight, but is outside acceptable adjustment range for IFR.

Bruce Cover (fairly new)


Interior pix

seat belt door

X-rated pictures

Cowls off during last oil change March 2021

no cowl no cowl 2

CLICK here to see the original panel

CLICK here to see the original paint - it was flaking off

CLICK here to see a naked Mooney

EAA young eagles flight

Young Eagle not ugly, not so sure about the PIC.

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