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records of my familes Eisenhard, Towne, Gaumer

Mooney N1937Y

Asking $62K, Escrow opened, don't bother with a backup offer in the low 50s.

*While I agree that the best pre-buy would be with Lasar or TopGun, they are booked up til June, so you need an alternative. Last annual Nov 20, 2021, and about 15 hours on the plane since then. I am willing to fly an hour or two for an inspection.

My Mooney N1937Y, hangared at KTRK, owned and flown only by me for 21 years amassing 1800 hours. Before that AP/IA/FBO 15 year owner for personal use and commecial rating sign offs. Before that private owner in Oregon, and ???. .

1964 M20E serial number 244, 4810 TT, 660 hours on a zero time engine installed in 2008, new prop 2007 to fix AD

most Lasar speed mods, panel upgrade (full rewire) in 2003, GNS 530 (not WAAS), mode-S transponder, JPI engine monitor, ADS-B out with uAvionix, shoulder harness, excelent paint, new seat covers

Tannis heater, recent Bruce Aircraft cover

This plane is ready to fly away (last annual Nov 20, 2020, details below). As for me, semi-retired, no longer flying IFR, though most of that was to break through fog in SF bay area commute. (into KRHV)

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Welcome to an Eisenhard's page.

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It's been almost a year, so finally restoring much of the information from the old Eisenhard website.

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Welcome to the new Eisenhard.net website, I finally joined the modern world. Got one of them thar smart phones :)

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