Custom Design

Whether board design or software or both we can help

Coridium Corp is an established provider of custom design services, for both prototyping and scalable solutions.

We develop an analysis of the business and technical goals, including:

  • Performance characteristics
  • Vendor or architecture preferences
  • Interfaces for existing computer systems
  • Implementation schedule
  • Cost breakdowns
  • Engineering budget
  • Per-unit costs

The comprehensive summary of options and tradeoffs creates a critical path for defining and developing the best solution. Coridium's software developers work across most hardware platforms, but concentrate on ARM 32-bit processors. We offer programming for embedded systems, network connectivity and for application development including GUIs. We provide the support for an application I/O, from a simple analog to digital and industrial I/O versions, and for communication enhancements such as Wifi, Zigbee, Modbus, Ethernet, GSM, and RS485.