In October of 1999, we had the opportunity to buy 37Y, the Mooney we had been regularly renting for the prior year.  So we bought it (could have been a dumb move, but you can't take it with you).  Now that same Mooney is undergoing a major face lift and upgrade.  It should make a comfortable commuter plane for the next couple of years, until IT gets to go to work hauling us everywhere when we retire. 37Y is a 1964 M20E called a "Super 21" when first produced. When 37Y is not flying down to the bay area it lives at the  Truckee Airport (TRK)  in Northern California. While getting up in years 37Y still has a lot of flying to go with 3300 hours TT and 950 since overhaul.

Proud parents of a new (old) Mooney

Prior to the paint job

with speed mods

with her tail feathers clipped and her skirts lifted

Proposed paint scheme

she's back, and back to work flying nearly 200 hours since June 2000

and I finally wrote the big check, to upgrade the panel

upgraded panel

old panel

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