Winter sunset

tahoe sunset

More snow this year than we've had in a while, must be global warming.

tahoe snow

Summer has gone!!

tahoe beaver

Wait what's that in the lower right hand corner of the picture? Could it be Tahoe Tessie? A lost channel swimmer? A..??

Well its one of our local beavers, who have been swimming by most days, where they're off to work, who knows. Actually this is the first year I've seen beavers here at Lake Tahoe. They join the normal racoons, coyotes, occasional bear, less seen deer, ospreys, eagles, quail and others wandering around the lake.

Camp Richardson Fire

Also started today, the first of the big fires for 2007. This one sprang up at the other end of the lake near Camp Richardson, hopefully it won't get too out of control.

Remember to send a thank you note to the Sierra Club if you house burns down.

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